How to Show Your Kids the World!

Think you need to be rich to take your family traveling? 

You Don’t!

I want to show you HOW!

Get Traveling!

Extra Pack!

by Erik | Family Adventure Podcast

Suburban Pilgrims

by Erik | Family Adventure Podcast

Uncommonly Normal

by Erik | Family Adventure Podcast

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Great stories, excellent interviews. Listeners beware though. Listening to this podcast may make you quit your job, pack up the kids and hit the road! Erik does a great job and letting the personality of his guests shine through. Love it!

Savvy Painter

Whether you want to take a micro-adventure or a full on one with your kids, listen to these fantastic podcasts for stories from families that have done it. Family travel is amazing and life-changing for the youngest and oldest family members. Plan a trip and get going!


Awesome show about family bonding through traveling. I love this show! What better way for a fmaily to bond than to travel? None! Keep up the great work!


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