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What in the World?!

Hey there! and welcome to Family Adventure Podcast! See that wanna-be Irish looking guy in the photo below? That’s me, and that’s my wife Rachel, she’s the one that blends in and looks like one of the kids, and those are my kids. Yep, all 6, ours together! and yes….we have a TV!
If you have a dream to travel, but feel like you can’t live adventurously until the kids are safely tucked away in college, think again! The goal of this website is to get you traveling & we think it’s the best thing you can do for your family! Our site isn’t loaded with all the tools you’ll need, ’cause we don’t know what hair-brained idea your thinking of. All we want to do is encourage you that you’re not crazy, you’re on the right trail, and we want to share some stories of other “grown-ups” who have had similar ideas and did ‘em.
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We are the Hemingway Family. In 2009 we had a brilliant idea to sell all of our belongings, and move into a 350 square foot sailboat with 5 children……yes, you read that right. We thought we were going to torture oursel…..wait…….live this way for one year, but at the end of the year, we all loved it so much we wandered through 25 countries, sailed almost 17,000 miles and even added to our family with a baby born abroad in Israel. “What the………?” is a question we get asked often!  We kept a BLOG of those adventures at www.sevensailors.us. We are back on land now in Wilmington, NC where we’ve docked the sailboat until our next adventure.
What would possess someone to do that? We aren’t exactly sure, we just knew we wanted something different for our family. We knew how life sometimes can go while you’re living in the rat-race, predictable, and sometimes…..easy. And it seems that everyone is living, doing things they’d rather not be doing. Do you know what we mean? It is sometimes lived on autopilot and before you know it, the kids are grown and you’re planning retirement. We wanted to take a break, spend some massive time together as a family, and get to know these kids in our life in a deeper way. We knew the nomad lifestyle couldn’t last forever, but we really wanted to show them that you can dream big, and with some planning, and goal setting, you can do what many people think is impossible.
We would love to hear from you about what your travel dreams are, how we can help or just maybe let you know you’re not crazy! Please drop us a line at familyadventurepodcast@gmail.com.
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  1. Love this! We are a family traveling Europe for a year in our American R V. Love hearing about other adventurous families.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      We too are an American family traveling in an American RV in Europe. Any chance we will cross paths?


    • Hi- I am wondering if you sent the RV over on a container ship or traveled with it, or bought it in Europe?
      I was just going to look up the cost of doing that for my son….!

      • We took ours on a roro ship (roll on roll off). To Southampton uk. The biggest bothers were insurance while traveling since we didn’t have European residency and converting 220v to 110 inside. The insurance was similar to the cost of shipping.

  2. I’m hooked. I’ve been driving around listening to your podcast (while working in outside sales) for the last 2 days. I have 3 kids (11,9,7) , live on the west coast, and have dreamed of jumping on a sailboat and traveling the world for a year. Your podcast is taking me into some scary places right now. You’re taking away all of my excuses not to and that scares the crap out of me. Thanks for putting this together.


    • Thanks a million Chris, and thanks for your patience as we’re figuring all this out. We hope you’re our guest on the show one day!

  3. Just finished listening to your first 10 podcasts. Great stuff! We’re a family of 5 touring Europe in our American motorhome. Been on the road for 7 months now and have 5 more to go.

  4. Erik and family, nice to meet you at the NCHE conference. You all are an inspiration. In the words of CCR: “Someday….”

  5. Hello. Is it possible to rent a large van or RV in one part of Europe and return it at another location in Europe? Thank you. Jeff in Illinois

    • That’s a great question, let me pitch it to a couple of our European RV’ers. They both bought and shipped over US RV’s but there may be a cheaper option. Thanks!

  6. Jeff – we looked into renting an RV in Europe but ultimately decided it was better to ship ours from the US. We found rentals to be really costly. The price comes down for long term rentals but we still found shipping our less costly. I don’t know about renting it one place and leaving it another. We ended up doing kinda a circle around Europe on our trip starting and ending in Belgium. We had no problem getting insurance for the year on our US motorhome. I’m happy to converse with you if you have specific questions. You can message me at ebrooke2000@aol.com

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