38 – The Hemingway’s Story – Sailing with 8!

Hemingway PhotoDream to Reality!

The Hemingway family wanted something different than the ‘normal’ family suburban life. They had an opportunity and took it! Buying a sailboat, with little experience (at first!) then wandering around the Mediterranean for two years, having a baby abroad, and eventually crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Oh yeah, they have 6 kids as well!

Listen as special guest Derek Olsen turns the tables on Erik and Rachel and interviews them, to hear their story from beginning to end. All about what inspired them, the planning stages, and what kind of effect this lifestyle has on kids.

Rachel launches into what education on a boat is really like, and how school may not always be what we think it is. It’ easier and better!

A big thank you to Derek Olsen, from derekandcarrie.com for having the idea to do the interview! It was a ton of fun, and I know we’ll be putting you and your family on the show soon!


Show Notes:

You can stroll through the Hemingway’s blog of their sailing adventure: www.sevensailors.us It includes maps of where they went, links to photos, and the blog. picturet_copy (2)

If you have not yet downloaded the photo ebook, please get it!

Now they are passionate about helping families travel and live with NO regrets!


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  1. Best podcast yet! I loved hearing your whole story and your message. Makes me want to buy a boat and leave tomorrow. You actually made sailing seen like something possible for this Midwestern born and bred family. Thanks so much for your ahold website.

    • Thanks Mary! It’s so true…you can do it! Thanks for the encouragement and we love to hear that families are getting excited to do cool things with their kids:) -Rachel

  2. You guys are EPIC! Listening to your story, its easy to hear where the passion comes from :-)
    We get to hear that passion in every episode!
    And, I might just be able to convince Gina that we need a boat… One day :-D

    • I can totally picture you guys on a boat! Thanks for the note, and safe travels Simon!

  3. Rachel and Eric!
    What an inspiration you are to everyone!!
    I completely enjoyed listening to Derek interviewing you two.
    Blessed to have met you when we were all younger and completely inspired by y’all to get out there and get to living my dreams♥

    • Thanks Rose! So glad to hear from you! Good on ‘ya for living those dreams and I hope our paths cross again soon!

  4. Hello again Erik! My family and I are on the road again and I was looking for some familiar faces! I was so glad to hear your personal story to get me inspired to travel again. Once a traveler, always a traveler I guess! :-) Glad to see you’re still posting here.

    • I know! The worst is it’s contagious as well! I admit to still spending TOO much time staring at maps and staring out the window……. :)

      Safe travels!

  5. I just shared this link on another popular blog about personal finance – where he shared an article about some friends who were learning to sail in the British Virgin Islands. Below is that article. BTW this is a great personal finance site and your readers would find it beneficial.
    Although this particular article is more about sailing than finance.

    Really enjoy your podcast – but find it “dangerous” to my wanderlust ways.



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