Psychologists tell us that sailing off into the sunset is one of the top 3 fantasies of most people. However, most people are totally overwhelmed by where to start!

This week we are joined by Chris who has recently launched his website: Sail Mentor. He is passionate about introducing people and families to the sport of sailing.

He has some great suggestions about getting into sailing for very little money and getting some experience ‘under the keel’, all while keeping your spouse and family involved and not wanting to ‘jump ship’! Good stuff!

Of course, we also delve into travel and what his future plans are for he, his wife and their son. Great stuff!

Thanks Chris for taking some time with us and fair winds!

Follow Chris at: Sail Mentor, he’d love to hear from you and how he can help you achieve your sailing goals!


Fred V & Grafix: “Minor Happy”   Intro: Miles; Outro: Zoe

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