58- Four Whitneys One World


Travel/Life Balance:

Today we dive into a topic that I know will hit a chord with a LOT of our listeners. How to balance community with the dream to travel the world?

Our guest today is Magdalena, and she tells us how her family: lives frugally in San Diego, and how they manage several trips per year, internationally, and she is a stay-at-home-mom! So, she tells us how they balance it all and manage to stay plugged into a ‘home base’ as well.

It’s a topic we get a lot of questions about and I know you’ll love the interview!

Show Notes:

Magdalena has put off the inevitable and has recently stated a travel blog, chronicling her family’s adventures. You can find it at: Four Whitneys One World.

She also keeps an Instagram account with tons of photos.

Check them out!

Music Credit: 

Fred V & Grafix: “Minor Happy”

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  1. Erik,
    This is so exciting! Thank you for the interview. It was great fun and a pleasure to talk to someone that speaks my language. Sometimes people like us with the wanderlust gene are misunderstood, right?
    I am a fan of your show! It is a great resource for people that want to start traveling with their family and for those that are already doing it. I get inspired by your guests and I take notes from them.
    Keep up the good work! It was really nice to talk to you.
    Thanks again!

    • Thank you for being a part of the show and being willing to inspire others!

  2. Hi Eric, I’m from Australia and discovered the podcasts after “travelling at the speed of life ” shared their story. I’m loving hearing all the stories. I’ve just finished the four Whitneys and secretly think it’s my favourite so far. I’m a grandmother who is, along with my dear husband, raising a grandson. We’ve travelled extensively and have not let raising our little guy get in the way…he comes with us. Keep up delivering interesting stories to us….and Magdalena, thanks for sharing your story. I loved it !!!!

    • Hey Janet! Thanks so much for the note, their interview was one of my favorites as well. Congrats on showing your grandson the world. It is an epic life, enjoy it ALL!!


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