Today we hear from the Boyink family. They left ‘suburbia’ four years ago on an open ended RV adventure and haven’t looked back! They’ve been able to spend the last several years criss-crossing the USA and exploring as they go.  They had a lot of great advice on how they made it happen, how they support themselves on their travels and how it’s affected their children.

They also had some great suggestions about working on the road, and some resources about the adventures they’ve had. Farm staying, campground hosting, and links to those resources are below.

They are also in the process of compiling information about families who live alternate lifestyles into a book.

Thanks for stopping by and we wish you the best of luck on your next adventure!


Show Notes:

Their main blog page can be found at:

Some of the opportunities they mentioned during the show were:

  • WWOOF – It stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” and it could be an incredible way to meet other traveling families, people, and get a great perspective on farming and living off the land.
  • Work for RV’ers – Just like it sounds! An opportunity to find campground hosting, and park stays.

Here’s a link to the book project that is in the works:

Here’s a couple of great posts about the Boyink’s experiences camp hosting, some good, some not so good.





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