The Bender's‘Round the World with Kids!

In 2012, Josh and Erin Bender made a life changing decision….traveling around the world with 2 little ones! After returning home to Australia and finding it’s cheaper to live and experience family travel than to stay in one place, why wouldn’t they travel full time?

Great question, and one they are not too interested in answering! They are currently preparing to start their second trip around the world, and they took some time with us before they leave and filled us in on how they make it possible.

It took some strategic planning, but with their house rented out sooner than they planned, they were in a sense ‘shooed’ out the door and onto their first adventure, and never looked back.

Their advice? “Set a date for departure” and you will build your life around making that date happen. Also, they encourage any family who is thinking of ‘nomadic’ family travel as a lifestyle, that you can DO IT! There are a million ways to make a living abroad and it just takes some planning and creativity to put the pieces in place.

Good info for sure and we look forward to following you on your next journey!

Show Notes:

Tons of resources on traveling with little ones, country reviews, and loads of just plain ‘ol family travel information is available on their blog:

You can also friend them and follow them on Facebook or Twitter!


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