Today on the show we have Ashley and Nathan from  { Mama Says Namaste }  to share their journey from leaving the corporate world and dipping their toes in full time travel to now on an open ended RV Adventure around the US! This interview was exciting because Ashley shares that Family Adventure Podcast was part of the initial push toward getting them to travel! How fun!

During a anniversary trip to Cancun, Ashley and Nathan began to discuss realistically what they wanted in life. After coming home and deciding to take a family trip, Ashley bought the tickets 8 months before they were set to leave for Costa Rica, which forced them to make steps toward their new adventure. That trip took them and their 3 girls to visit family in Costa Rica for a month and get a real feel for how they would work together as a family if they wanted to pursue something like that full time. But that month long trip changed their view on what they wanted for their life together.

So as a family they decided to see more of our country before taking a huge leap internationally.  Full-time Families Facebook group helped ignite more passion for this and pushed them forward to eventually moving into the RV full time in Oct 2016. Listen to the full episode to hear some of their stories from the road and why they love where their at! :)

Advice from this Episode:

∆ When you’re uncomfortable, that’s what things shift for the better.

∆ Start taking time to discuss what IS important to you. Not what you’re told should be important.
Start that process. You’re not gonna have it all figured out but have that initial jump that pushes you toward what you dream of!

∆ Read the One Thing Book…so many things shout for your attention today so just focus on the one thing you can do today, or this week, to move you toward your goal.

Show Notes:

Mentioned in the show > >
Full Time Families Facebook Group
Check out Ashley’s site here for a » f r e e « PDF  for Family Adventure Podcast Listeners!

Ashley’s FB groups 
Unschooling Families
Mama Says Namaste 

Family Travel Reminder:

There is no right or wrong way to do family travel. If you are passionate about taking a trip with your family, the best thing is to DO IT! Listen to that little voice inside your head telling you this is the right thing. Make it happen! Listen to this podcast and start building your plan today!


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