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Today on the show we have Susan from Mountain Mom and Tots. In the summer of 2016 they took a huge 6.5 week trip and camped throughout the West Coast National Parks!

Their family have always been outdoorsy people, Susan explains, who love to get outside and enjoy nature. This trip came at a great time when her husband was in between jobs and it was during the summer when their oldest would be out of school.
At the beginning of June 2016, they took a week to get out and see some of the national parks in Utah, their home state. It was a trial week to work out any kinks they had in their system of traveling and also give them a chance to change things in preparation for the big trip. By the End of June they were ready to go! And set out on a 6.5 weeks of outdoor fun filled adventure.

Susan shares that the whole trip wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Even though the drive from park to park was no more than 6 hours, it’s all too easy for everyone to get on everyone’s nerves being in such close quarters.  Staying in an AirB&B – house stay up near Yellowstone during a family reunion about halfway through the trip, It gave them a much needed breaking from camping and sleeping in the truck.

Best advice from the show is: just to go and do it! This family took what they had and made it work. It wasn’t a fancy RV or a Camper with all the bells and whistles. They wanted to spend time as a family, see the parks and get outdoors so they made it work with what they had! And now have memories that will stick with the kids forever.

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Family Travel Reminder:

There is no right or wrong way to do family travel. If you are passionate about taking a trip with your family, the best thing is to DO IT! Listen to that little voice inside your head telling you this is the right thing. Make it happen! Listen to this podcast and start building your plan today!


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