jonesberriesTraveling Pilgrims!

OK, so we get to interview cool families right? Their website says it best: “We are pilgrims on unpaved roads, living creatively, openly, frugally, outrageously to bring peace to the global fringe!” Andrew and Debbie Jones, have traveled extensively across Europe, North Africa, New Zealand, USA, Asia, and all places in between. They have 5 kids, but often had their kids’ friends along for an adventure, and it all worked into a gypsy vagabond experience. They are now in New Zealand, and making plans for overland travel through Asia. They’re unstoppable!   

They took some time with us and shared some practical advice on traveling with kids, young people, and ways to adapt a very simple lifestyle. They also had some awesome pointers to establishing patterns, so it brings a beautiful balance to traveling and stability.

I was super encouraged to hear their stories, anything is truly possible! I really liked the stories of bribing border guards in Africa, getting 3 marriage proposals for their 14 year old daughter in one day……..and some rugged adventuring and family bonding!

Show Notes:

Please! Check out their blog at It’s a extremely well done travel blog, lots of photos and stories, and you can check out their mega truck/home: “Maggie”

Thanks a million Jones’ and sincerely look forward to having our paths cross one day!

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