143- Pratt Family Adventures

Today on the show we have Kate Pratt to tell us about her families travels and recent cross-country move across the U.S.

Kate and her husband have travelled in the past before having their daughter, Laurel, but Kate shares how their view on life altogether has changed since having Laurel. They realized they were on the path that most people start down of trying to “check all the boxes” until they realized they wanted something less “normal” and to live a bigger life.


134- Baby Can Travel

Today on the show we have Celine from { Family Can Travel } and { Baby Can Travel }. This family learned very quickly and share their message with other that ยป a life of travel does not have to stop once you have a baby!

Celine and her husband, based out of Canada, took a year off in 2008-2009 to travel before they had their first baby, mostly using a company


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