110 – Jensen Family Summer Sailing Adventure

Jensens110- Summer Sailing Adventure

Today on the show we have Rasmus Jensen who interviewed with us in the beginning of 2016 during our big break. We thought the interview had been deleted but were excited to find it on an old memory card! They set out on an awesome adventure and we’re glad Rasmus took the time to tell us (more…)

104 – Salty Kisses

saltykisses-1104- Salty Kisses

Today on the show we’ve got Carl + Carly from the blog SaltyKisses to talk mainly about their sailing adventure through the NorthWest Passage. Up and over the world! What a cool adventure to be able to see a part of the world few people travel to. At one point they were only 900 away from the North Pole!  (more…)

103- Our life is a Trip

our-life-is-a-trip103- Our Life is a Trip!

Today we are joined by Tracy from Our Life is a Trip and they’ve got a pretty sweet set up!

Her husband works as a firefighter & Tracy works as a flight attendant by day and in return gets free flights for the family (Learn more in the episode!)!! On their time off they have gone to  some pretty amazing places.  (more…)

102 – Sailing Yoga Family

sailing-yoga-familySailing Yoga Family

Today on the show we have an incredible story from the Martinez family, who wanted to take some time off and go sailing They share about their journey to get there, it was quite incredible, with lots of ups and downs.  From flights, to RV life outside of London to finally moving onto the boat!  (more…)

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