Homeschool While You Travel….Keep It Simple!!

Studying history in Rome :)

Studying history in Rome :)

One question I was constantly being asked while I traveled was…” What do you do about school?”  Although in my mind this is a fairly simple question to answer,  I have realized that not all families are comfortable with my approach.  So I will address this question from 2 perspectives. The question becomes this…  How long do you plan to travel? And What will your plan be (education) when you stop?   However you answer these questions…one thing is the same, keep (more…)

5 Ways to Get Your Older Kids & Teens Excited to Travel!


1. Communicate!

Communicate with them about your ideas and dreams!

This is always #1 for me and in our family.  We talk about everything.  Traveling was not a surprise to any of our kids.  As soon as Erik and I decided to travel with our family,  we started talking about it with our kids.  Some kids will have an initial reaction and want to talk about it,  but some (more…)

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