126- The Worldwide Webers

WORLDWIDE WEBERS126- The Worldwide Webers

Today on the show we have Erica from The Worldwide Webers.  Her and her husband and toddler have gotten to see a list of amazing places!

They were both born and raised in different parts of the States, met in New York and from there started traveling the globe. Spending time in different places depending on (more…)

121- Family with Latitude

Family with LatitudeToday on the show we have Nicole from the blog Family with Latitude. Their family of 4 is 2 months in to a 30 month travel adventure! They plan to travel to 30 countries in 30 months more or less. While currently in London, England, Nicole joined us today to talk about the planning of a trip this big and the adjustments they’re making as they start out.

Learning to live on the road had probably been the biggest (more…)

110 – Jensen Family Summer Sailing Adventure

Jensens110- Summer Sailing Adventure

Today on the show we have Rasmus Jensen who interviewed with us in the beginning of 2016 during our big break. We thought the interview had been deleted but were excited to find it on an old memory card! They set out on an awesome adventure and we’re glad Rasmus took the time to tell us (more…)

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