129- Spit Up and Heels

129- Spit Up and Heels

Today on the show we have Stephanie Pletka from the blog Spit Up & Heels. This family has been able to experience a lot of travel thanks to their job.

When the idea of full time travel came around 9+ years ago. Both husband and wife were excited and ready to do whatever it took to make it happen. They begin to work extra


126- The Worldwide Webers

WORLDWIDE WEBERS126- The Worldwide Webers

Today on the show we have Erica from The Worldwide Webers.  Her and her husband and toddler have gotten to see a list of amazing places!

They were both born and raised in different parts of the States, met in New York and from there started traveling the globe. Spending time in different places depending on (more…)

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