130-Making Myself Epic

130- Making Myself Epic

Today on the show we have Tammy who shares about her adventures with the family in the last several years including a 5 month adventure in a caravan throughout the Australian coast.

They are based out of Brisbane Australia and between 2008-2010 hopped over to SouthEast Asia over 12 times!! They have 2 kids and did a 4 country trip when their son was just


129- Spit Up and Heels

129- Spit Up and Heels

Today on the show we have Stephanie Pletka from the blog Spit Up & Heels. This family has been able to experience a lot of travel thanks to their job.

When the idea of full time travel came around 9+ years ago. Both husband and wife were excited and ready to do whatever it took to make it happen. They begin to work extra


128- Our Lively Tribe

128- Our Lively Tribe

Today on the show we have both Erin and Travis from Our Lively Tribe. They begin a “one year off” adventure in June 2017 and are planning to see the US by RV. We were excited to get to talk to them just before they headed out on their adventure!

The idea of traveling started for them about a year before they set out. After being denied a (more…)

127- Wanderlust Storytellers

127- Wanderlust Storytellers

This family is all about exploring and seeing as much of this big big world as possible. For the last 2 years they’ve been taking any chance they can to get out and travel with their family.

Andrzej, joins us from Australia to tell us about some of the travels his family has gotten to do in the last (more…)

126- The Worldwide Webers

WORLDWIDE WEBERS126- The Worldwide Webers

Today on the show we have Erica from The Worldwide Webers.  Her and her husband and toddler have gotten to see a list of amazing places!

They were both born and raised in different parts of the States, met in New York and from there started traveling the globe. Spending time in different places depending on (more…)

125- Tapped Our Travellers

IMG_8232125- Tapped Out Travellers

Today on the show we have Christine from the blog Tapped Out Travellers. She and her family moved to Germany 3 years ago with Army from Canada. Since then they have gotten to travel all around Europe using Germany as their home base.

Her son is in school there on base so it’s the same holiday time as her husband. Time, they use strategically to go (more…)

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