135- Mama Says Namaste

Today on the show we have Ashley and Nathan from  { Mama Says Namaste }  to share their journey from leaving the corporate world and dipping their toes in full time travel to now on an open ended RV Adventure around the US! This interview was exciting because Ashley shares that Family Adventure Podcast was part of the initial push toward getting them to travel! How fun!

During a anniversary trip to Cancun, Ashley and Nathan began to discuss realistically what they wanted in life. After coming home and deciding to take a family trip, Ashley bought the tickets 8 months before (more…)

134- Baby Can Travel

Today on the show we have Celine from { Family Can Travel } and { Baby Can Travel }. This family learned very quickly and share their message with other that » a life of travel does not have to stop once you have a baby!

Celine and her husband, based out of Canada, took a year off in 2008-2009 to travel before they had their first baby, mostly using a company


133- Dare List Family

Today on the show we have Eric & Grace (while little 2 y/o Leo sleeps), young adventurers, who share about how they left the white picket fence life earlier this year and decided to get out and see the world!

Currently they are talking to us from South East Asia before they head to Europe spending 4-6 weeks in each place. Once they made the decision to go, it was a month later (more…)

132-Simple Family Travel

Today on the show we have Kristin, originally from Australia now happily living in Switzerland (close to Zurich) with her Swiss husband and 3 kids. What started out as chance to see the world, now 14 years later has turned into an epic family adventure.

Because of  living in an area with a high concentrate of expats, it makes it easy to get excited about traveling and now they have made an effort (more…)

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