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If you’re dreaming of taking your kids on an adventure to one of the most popular cities in the US or Europe, you need to listen to today’s show!

Catherine is the author of Scavenger Hunt Adventures, a book series which act as guidebooks for kids. They make the cities come alive with activities to get kids interested in the history and culture of some of the most amazing sites in the world!

As a bonus, she’s agreed to give away 5 copies of her books to the first 5 listeners to leave us a rating and review on iTunes!

Thanks Catherine!

Show Notes:

Scavenger Hunt Adventures! Check out her website with the books currently published and make sure you stay tunes as she’s adding more books in the near future!

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Fred V & Grafix: “Minor Happy”

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  1. I was originally drawn to Erik’s podcast because he was one of the few who approached travel from a family perspective. I already had in mind to get away long term with my wife and kids so really I just wanted affirmation that I wasn’t crazy.

    The podcast delivered.

    Quickly however, through the inspirational and informational interviews, I found that this podcast was providing much more than just affirmation. The show was opening my eyes to new ways of traveling- practical steps I could take to make travel more enriching and affordable.

    I highly recommend this podcast. It has put more tools in my suitcase and I can’t wait to let my family adventure begin. Keep up the good work Erik, you are making a positive change in my family’s story.


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