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This week is not so much about family travel, but family living abroad. We are joined by Jennifer and Brandon Pearce and they dive into what traveling and living abroad has meant for them personally, and their family.

They love to travel slowly, and really connect with other people on their journey, it’s definitely not about checking the boxes!

We had a great chat about how their perspectives have changed through traveling, and how the think it’s helped their kids grow in confidence.

Advice on family travel:

Find ways to think outside of the box. Start with a small dream and figure out a way to get there first. Every dream starts with baby steps in the right direction.


Show Notes:

The Pearce's Home in Bali! Looks pretty Cozy!

The Pearce’s Home in Bali! Looks pretty cozy!

They keep a blog at: www.pearceonearth.com which chronicles their journey and adventures, really focusing on what they learned at the places they visit and how it has impacted them. Good stuff!

What started as a place to store their stuff in Bali and now it’s turned into an amazing Villa that they enjoy and rent out when they’re not there. Book their cool place in Bali HERE!!

Sites they use for housing and stays:

Flip Key

Trip Advisor

Air B&B

Home Away


Music Credit: 

Fred V & Grafix: “Minor Happy”

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