Today on the show we have Heather again from {FaithTakesFlights} to share about how their trip went! We talked to Heather back in Episode 88 right as they were heading out on their RV Adventure throughout the US and are so glad we got to catch up with her again to hear more details about the trip.

She shares about the fun experience of meeting other families on the road &  during their stay for the winter in Florida, but also some of the challenges on the road and learning to adjust to life on the move especially during the first couple months. Heather also talks about how the schooling on the road changed as their trip progressed.

Be sure to listen to the whole episode to hear more details on their route throughout the US and their truck breakdown in Canada!

Advice from this Episode:

∆ Bring in and focus on the school that’s going to be a beneficial and helpful on the trip. You may need to relearn what education looks like while on an adventure.

∆ Ask yourself, “are you making decisions out of fear?” If it’s just fear keeping you from going after what you want, work through and past it. You don’t want to have a life of regrets just because the ‘what if’ kept you from doing something life-changing and incredible

Show Notes:

Website to follow along where they’re at and where they’re going HERE

Catch the last Faith Takes Flight episode HERE

Family Travel Reminder:

There is no right or wrong way to do family travel. If you are passionate about taking a trip with your family, the best thing is to DO IT! Listen to that little voice inside your head telling you this is the right thing. Make it happen! Listen to this podcast and start building your plan today!


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