Today on the show we have Celine from { Family Can Travel } and { Baby Can Travel }. This family learned very quickly and share their message with other that » a life of travel does not have to stop once you have a baby!

Celine and her husband, based out of Canada, took a year off in 2008-2009 to travel before they had their first baby, mostly using a company

called G Adventures (which required very little planning on their part and was perfect for 2 young professionals) to visit over 27 countries and experience so much! Many people had told them their traveling days are over once they have kids and to take that last big trip. So they did. But then got to thinking how much they love to be outside, hiking and exploring and that wasn’t something they wanted to give up so they found a way to make it work.

A trip to Barcelona when their daughter was just 3 months old inspired them to start Baby Can Travel as a resource for people traveling with babies. They have since written 5 ebooks and continue to travel and share their experiences to help others. Listen to episode for how they have evolved into month long travels now!

Advice from this Episode:

∆ Google baby equipment rentals in the place you plan to visit! It may save you from having to carry all those extras that come with traveling with a baby. Traveling with less = less stressful.

∆ Air B&B hosts sometimes have baby items in the listing (especially if it’s a family friendly listing) or could possibly get it for you. Try asking and see what happens.

Show Notes:

Baby Can Travel HERE
{for learning to travel with a baby}
Baby Can Travel Ebook Guides HERE
Family Can Travel HERE
{advice for active traveling families}

Family Travel Reminder:

There is no right or wrong way to do family travel. If you are passionate about taking a trip with your family, the best thing is to DO IT! Listen to that little voice inside your head telling you this is the right thing. Make it happen! Listen to this podcast and start building your plan today!


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