episode-100100- Suburban Pilgrims “A film for wondering wanderers”

Remember the Suburban Pilgrims from Episode 79? We were able to catch up to them again, almost a year later and hear about their life on the road and their newest project: a Documentary they’re working on!! 

Jason talks about the moments or days on the trip when they look at each other and wander “what the heck were they thinking?”  or “This is the best life ever….everyone should do this!” Hear more about it in the episode!

As Jason works from the road doing Freelance Film editing, he decided to create their own documentary! They wanted to spotlight families who have left the “traditional” and hit the road in either a tiny house, RV or otherwise. This project is something you can support through kickstarter. We here at Fam Podcast, have been wanting to see something like this come to life in the last couple year and are so excited to happen! Jason talks about a growing movement…that there’s more and more families out there living life to the fullest!

Wishing this family all the best and can’t wait to catch up with them again to  hear about more of their travels another year from now :)

Show Notes:

KICKSTARTER – Go here to watch the trailer and support their documentary to get it filmed!

FACEBOOK Keep up with new and updates.

INSTAGRAM Cool Insta with GREAT photos to see where they’re at and what they’re seeing.


Family Travel Reminder:

There is no right or wrong way to do family travel. If you are passionate about taking a trip with your family, the best thing is to DO IT! Listen to that little voice inside your head telling you this is the right thing. Make it happen! Listen to this podcast and start building your plan today!


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