Wagoners in Europe

Wagoners in Europe

Expats in Spain!

A family who had enough of the 9-5 and only seeing their kids on the nights and weekends, took some radical steps and transplanted themselves in Europe! The Wagoner Family: Alan, Heidi and their kids, Lars and Anya decided to move abroad and are currently living in Spain.

They’ve been able to accomplish a lifelong dream of living abroad, and have also been able to give their kids amazing experiences! They also use their home in Spain as a base to explore North Africa and all corners of Europe.

Alan joined us and gave us some of the steps they took to make the transition, and how it’s affected them as a family, and lessons they’ve learned along the way. This show is packed with a ton of useful information on how to make a dream of living abroad a reality!

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Show Notes:

Heidi and Alan maintain an excellent blog filled with a lot of unique information. Please follow them at: wagonersabroad.com  Please follow the link to email them with any questions, they’d love to help fellow adventurers with advice or answer any questions.

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